Traveling by plane:

There are two big international airports in Lithuania – in Vilnius and in Kaunas.

Kaunas Airport
From some European cities there is a possibility to fly directly to Kaunas Airport.
Kaunas Airport is especially convenient to come by Ryanair flights as there are direct connections to more than 20 destinations. and

Address: Karmelava, 54460, Kaunas region
Phone: +370 612 44442

From Kaunas airport to Kaunas Bus/Train station you can take a city bus No. 29 G

From Kaunas Bus/Train station to Study center of Kauno kolegija you can take a taxi (≈ 7 €) or cross the street and in the Bus Stop (opposite the bus station) please take a trolleybus No.  16 go until the stop „Kauno kolegija“.
If You want to reach Study center of Kauno kolegija from the Train station You should take trolleybus/minibus from the Bus stop which is on the side of the Train station.

Information about bus/trolleybus ticket prices you can find here:

Vilnius airport
Vilnius Airport is the international airport of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is located 5.9 km far from the city.

Address: Rodunios Road 10a, Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 2739305

If you come to Vilnius, you can take a bus or train to come to Kaunas:
From Vilnius airport to Vilnius Bus/Train station there is a bus No. 1 and No. 2
Information about ticket prices You can find here:

Traveling by train

From Vilnius airport to Vilnius Train station runs a special scheduled train. Also You can reach Kaunas from Vilnius using train as well. Click here to get more information.

Railway stations and tickets booths are open for 24 hours. All tickets can be purchased in the main halls. The agents stop selling tickets five minutes before the departure of the train.

Traveling by bus

From many European countries You can reach Kaunas by bus if you use service of companies:

Travelling by bus is quite popular in Lithuania, and the lines are well – developed.
You can easily book tickets in advance on the internet.

If you want to travel at night more information you can find here.

Traveling by car

If you want to come to Lithuania by car, you must have the following necessary documents:

  • valid driving license;
  • vehicle registration document;
  • insurance.

Driving is on the right side, giving the way to traffic coming from your right.
Main regulations while driving:

  • maximum speed limits for cars:
    motorways – 130 km/h (in summertime), 110 km/h (in wintertime).
    other roads – 90km/h.
  • no mobile phones while driving;
  • no alcohol while driving;
  • lights during the daytime all year;
  • putting on seat-belts is compulsory in both, the front and the back seats of the car.