Championship Events


I event – compulsory program

Compulsory program performed a classic massage. Duration – 20 min. During a performance it is necessary to combine the  main types of classical massage movements: effleurage, petrissage, friction, percussion.

The organizers of the program  for all participants provide:

  1. T-shirt.
  2. Space of work.
  3. The model.
  4. Massage couch.
  5. Two blankets (to use yours is not allowed).
  6. Massage oil and  the cup for it.


II event – free program

It takes 30 min.  Participants perform the type of massage or a combination of several different massage they had choose.  The participant must take care of  any  necessary  measure (decorations, clothing and another).

The organizers  allows  to use the same massage couch, model  like in compulsory program.

Organizers  choose the music for the events.


Championship participants have to:

  1. Regard  hygienic rules.
  2. Regard time limit.
  3. Do not exceed the space provided for the participant (6 m2).