Arvydas Balčius. PM&R physician, psychotherapist.  Director for Medicine at Medical Spa “Egles sanatorija”, Lithuania. Responsible for the quality of  more than 140 treatment procedures, employees and the equipment at the departments of Medical therapy, Kinesiotherapy, Ergotherapy and Physiotherapy, The department of Nursing&Massage, two medical treatment houses; helps to develop rehabilitation programs for  illness treatment of all profiles. Gives lectures about climatotherapy, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, peloids theraphy, thermotheraphy and halotherapy.




Jeppe Tengbjerg. The founder and the CEO of The International Massage Association. Has Massage School since 2001 in Denmark. A former professional football player in Denmark and in Holland.  The holder of the highest football coach licens (UEFA-PRO), but mostly  teaches others and promotes the massage industry.





Marius Jurgelaitis. Winner of Lithuanian, Baltic and World Masseur Championship in 2015, author of several massage and SPA programs. Member of Lithuanian and Open European Championship Organizing Committee. Physiotherapist, massage-therapist at the Royal SPA Hotel and Motus Vita Clinic of Physical Therapy. Graduated University of Applied Sciences/Kauno Kolegija (Bachelor) and Lithuanian Sports University (Master).




Prof. Manuel Gonzalez Sánchez. University of Malaga. International PhD in Physiotherapy. He has published more than 45 articles in prestigious journals in the field of knowledge. It has more than 150 communications in national and international conferences related to physiotherapy, manual therapy, evaluation of teaching / learning processes and development of assessment and monitoring instruments in patients of different profiles.




boardMarek Zeman. Czech Republic. University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. Over 11 years assistant professor at the Institute of Physiotherapy and Selected Medical Disciplines, a guarantor of the Physiotherapy study program. His subjects of teaching are Kinesiotherapy, Physical therapy and massage therapy, balneotherapy. Over 17 years Physiotherapist at the SPA Trebon, deputy head of balneotherapy, physical therapy and massage therapy in SPA.