Compulsory program

  1. Hygienic precautions.
  2. Masseur’s ergonomic.
  3. Performed classical massage techniques and massage movements match.
  4. Compliance with theorder of priority, for the basic massage movements.
  5. The maximum possible auxiliary and the combined use of massage
  6. Massage execution
  7. Regard time limit (20 min.).


Free program

  1. The aesthetic appeal  of massage program.
  2. The compliance with the rules of etiquette
  3. The compliance with the described system, and the type of massage technique.
  4. The safety of  selected program of massage or SPA program.
  5. The compliance with massage  goals and objectives.
  6. Massage movements compatibility with cosmetics are used.
  7. The completeness and originality and composition of massage or SPA procedure.
  8. Hygienic precautions.
  9. Regard time limit (30min.).